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Keep Up To Date With Your Gas Safety Certificates In North Wales – Landlords & Home Owners:

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  • It Is Your Legal Requirement as a landlord or letting agent To Keep Up Do Date.

We Offer Prompt Services by providing commercial gas safety certificates To Home owners, Landlords and Estate Agents Who Need To Register Their Properties As Gas Safe to comply with the law.

  • Did you know that in order to keep your existing boiler under warranty you must have your boiler serviced annually.

Here at PHR Plumbing and heating renewable’s, we offer an annual gas safety inspection along with a boiler service for a very reasonable and competitive price, All of our highly experienced engineers are gas safe registered and qualified to carry out these checks for you to ensure the safety standards of your property.

Landlords Gas Safety Certificates – Keeping Up To Date:

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As a letting agent or a Landlord it is your sole responsibility to ensure that you keep up to date with today’s gas safe regulations by ensuring you have your boiler checked along with other appliances such as your gas hob, Gas fireplace once every year without fail,

Doing this will also ensure you keep your existing warranty valid, Keep you on the right side of the law, keep your tenants safe, and all your gas appliances in really good shape for years to come.

It is now a legal requirement for all rented properties to comply with the law by having an annual inspection each and every year, your boiler should be tested by a qualified gas engineer who can then provide you with a pass certificate providing the boiler is working adequately and efficiently.

We offer these services to all new and existing clients, We also have yearly reminders sent out to all of our clients which will ensure you never fall behind with the regulations and you abide by today’s laws by keeping up to date.

What We Test Upon Our Inspection – Boilers – Gas Fires – Gas Hobs:

  • Visual Flue Tests Focal Fire Points – Boilers.
  • System Operating Pressure – Boilers.
  • Safety Devices Correct Operation – All Appliances.
  • Spillage Tests – Focal Gas Fireplaces.
  • Smoke Pellet Flue Flow Test – Focal Fireplaces.
  • Adequate Ventilation Test – All Appliances.
  • Gas leak Test – All Appliances.
  • All Systems – LPG – GAS – OIL.

Testing Costs:

  • The Cost For a Standard Boiler Test – £50 – Plus £10 VAT.


  • All Other Appliances such as Gas Hob – Gas Fireplaces – £5 – Plus £1 VAT.

Should your appliances pass all the checks we carry out then you will be provided with your pass certificate which will last for one year only, your next gas safety check must then be carried out within 12 months, we will send out a reminder for you prior to your existing cover running out, Learn more about this below.

What If Your Appliances Fail Our Safety Tests ?

Our experienced gas engineers will inform you of any appliance failure you may face, we will the provide you with a free no obligation quote for any works that may be required to help you get up and running with your pass certificate, Our quote will be based on cost of parts and our labour rates which are very competitive within the plumbing industry.


What Happens if I Don’t Keep Up To Date – For Landlords – Letting Agents:

If you do not abide by the laws you may well find yourself in deep trouble depending on the outcome of any situation that may occur at a household if you are not covered, If something was to happen to the household you are responsible and liable for whilst you are not covered then you may well find yourself in a very sorry state of affairs.

Reminders – We Remind You Every Year:

This is why at PHR Plumbing we send out yearly reminders to all of our customers so your safety check never goes unmissed, we understand people have very busy lives and these thing can easily forgotten, But not if you book with PHR plumbing who will continue to send out your yearly reminders year after year, All we need is your e’mail address or telephone number which will be added to our calendar list to set your reminder.


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