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For All Your General Plumbing Services:

General Plumbing Services North Wales – Leaks – Breakdowns & Emergencies:

Whether you have a leaking tap or pipe, or a leak you do not know where it is coming from then we can help you with our expert team of on hand plumbers, who have extensive experience in detecting leaks and repairing leaks.

A slow leak can lead to further damages to your home if left for to long and can turn out to be very costly if not repaired quickly and efficiently.

Get in touch with us today to locate and fix your leak.

  • Overflows:

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Overflow problems can lead to a number of plumbing and heating issues if they are not solved quickly.

If detected early enough these problems can be resolved in no time at all.

Our dedicated team of plumbers are here to help and get your issues rectified as soon as possible.


  • Burst pipes:

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Burst pipes can quickly cause damage to your home, if you find a pipe has burst or is leaking, firstly you need to turn off your water supply.

Then give one of our friendly team a call who will be able to give you advice over the phone and arrange a call out to your property to resolve the issue.

Burst pipes are usually caused by freezing up over the winter period where the pipes are exposed to the freezing weather conditions, To prevent this from happening we install lagging around the pipes which prevents pipes from freezing.

  • We offer a winter ready package deal to all of our client’s which you can learn more about below.

  • Our Winter Package Deal – Winter Ready Offer:

We also offer a package, for a one off fee of £200 plus £50 VAT you can have your house winter ready.

  • This package includes:

Getting your house winter ready before the cold spell comes, All included in the list below.

  1. Upgrading your boiler condenser.
  2. lagging fitted to all exposed pipework.
  3. Installing frost protection to your system.
  4. Free Call out for any frost related issue for 12 months after signing up.

  • Boiler Repairs/Boiler Installation:

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If your boiler is old, you may be faced with frequent break-downs.

At PHR Plumbing & Heating Renewable’s, we have a team of skilled heating engineers who will take a look at your boiler and provide trustworthy professional guidance for repairs.

Alternatively, if we believe it is more cost effective for you we will provide a quote to install a new boiler for you at an affordable price. We provide a complete boiler installation service, including repair and maintenance aftercare.



  • Finance Deals Available On New Boilers:

Maybe your boiler is old and breaking down more than often?

This Is Not Cost effective To Keep Fixing it all the time, well there is no need to as we can offer great finance deals on brand new boilers to all new and existing customers.



You can rely on PHR Plumbing & Heating Renewable’s to install your new boiler, We are able to source finance deals which will enable you to spread the cost over 1/4 years, We also provide ongoing repairs and maintenance where required.

You can depend on us for affordable plumbing in Conwy and throughout North Wales. Get in touch with us today For a free quotation appointment.

  • Unvented Hot Water Systems:

Unvented hot water system image
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Unvented Hot water systems ensure that you are getting the highest performance from your bath and shower as they provide a better flow rate.

We offer installation an annual servicing.

Call us today for information as to how this could benefit your family and your property.

  • Taps – Supply & Fitting:

hot and cold taps image

We supply and install Bathroom Taps including Basin Taps, Outside taps, Mono Basin Mixer, Bath FIllers, Bath Shower Mixers and Bath Taps.

Additionally we supply Plugs & Wastes including basin plug and chain waste, basin clicker.

Whatever style and price you are looking for, we can certainly help you meet your needs.
waste, bath pop up wastes and much more.

  • Replacement Radiators:


radiator fitting services image


Replacing your old radiators can benefit the heat in your home to a much warmer environment compared to older tired radiators which don’t pump out the heat as well as the new style radiators, whether your looking to replace just one or the whole house, we can help you, we also install complete boiler system’s along with new radiators if required.

  • Saniflo’s:

Saniflo’s come in handy in places where you cant typically fit a normal unit, usually due to not being possible to install the pipe-work required for the install, if this is your position you might want to consider a saniflo unit which we can also help you with, use our contact page to book your free obligation quotation.

  • Hot Water Problems ?

If your water is not getting as hot as it should or maybe it’s getting to hot, this is usually a case of the thermostat on your boiler needing to be replaced or fixed in some cases.

The longer you leave these problems the more problems will occur with your boiler system, so in our advice is to act right away and have it dealt with by a qualified engineer like one of our team here at PHR Plumbing.

We cover all aspects of general plumbing such as,

  • Replacement Cylinders.
  • Unvented Hot Water Systems.
  • Radiator Valve Replacements:
  • Immersion Heaters
  • Waste Disposal Units.
  • Replacement Water Tanks.
  • ECO Style Electric Boilers.


  • Complete Bathroom installation:

Bathroom Installation image


We also specialise in complete bathroom installation where we take every job from the plumbing to the tiling to the electrics installed, no need to phone around looking for a number a tradesmen when we can do it all for you from the planning to ripping out and replacing your whole bathroom from start to finish.


  • Gas Safety Checks:

Are you a landlord or Estate agent ?

Then you need to keep up to date with your gas safety certificates which is required by law, Not to worry we are registered to carry out inspections and supply you with the certificate you need to be compliant.

Should you require any advice from us with regards to your problem, then please use the contact page on this website or submit your enquiry in the comment box provided for you below, we will always get back to you within 24-hrs.

  • Reviews and Ratings – Leave Us A Review:

Having reviews and rating helps new customers learn more about us, It also helps us gain trust within our industry as recognised plumbing and heating engineers, If you would like to leave us a review on google we would be more than grateful of your time spent doing so, we appreciate your time and we thank you in advance.

Alternatively You can also leave us a review using the comment box provided for you below, Your review will then be approved by admin and displayed on this website for other website visitors to see.

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