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In order to help the environment and reduce carbon footprints which has most recently become one of the number one priority for the government to tackle as the pollution we all create is seriously damaging our planet slowly but surely,

This ongoing pollution problem is no longer a thing of the future it’s actually a real big problem of today’s world which we all need to compensate towards helping the environment to help save the planet,

Mp’s have recently announced that they are offering government grants for boilers to replace older boilers up to 5/6 years old which are not helping the environment being non-efficient therefore not helping the environment to become ECO friendly,

Here at PHR Plumbing & Heating are pleased to announce that we are part of this new boiler scheme funded by the government.

Although there are some certain criteria’s you would need to meet to make yourself eligible for a free boiler grant which you can find out more about below.

Government Grants For Boilers UK – Do You Qualify

There are two types of new free boiler scheme’s available, depending on what criteria matches your current situation will depend on which scheme you are eligible for.

Scheme 1 – Flexible Eligibility Scheme

Scheme 2 – Eco 3  ( Eligible If you claim a combination of any benefits shown below)

  • Child Benefit.
  • D.L.A.
  • Child Tax Credit.
  • Pension Credit.
  • Universal Credit.
  • P.I.P.
  • Income Support.
  • Working Tax Credits.
  • Job Seekers Allowance.

A replacement boiler grant is completely free of any charges whatsoever, if you find you are eligible then one of our team would visit your home to carry out an energy assessment which is also free, This will also include checking your loft and your underfloor voids for further insulation all you have to do is contact us to make arrangements.

Free Loft Insulation OR Underfloor Void Insulation:

As part of the Free ECO energy deal our team will check your property is properly insulated within the loft space or your under-floor voids for further ECO efficiency measures which will help keep your home further insulated throughout the years as well as cutting down your heating costs and decreasing your carbon footprint overall which in itself is going to help towards an ECO friendly environment which is what we are aiming for in the long run.

In some cases your floor may be a concrete base where no actual floor voids are present, in this case we would look to insulate the loft space instead of the floor voids, Where floor voids are present we would look to insulate those voids.

What Difference Will This Make ?

Imagine 3 billion households take action on this ECO Friendly Boiler Deal and what difference that will make overall to reduce to carbon footprint, this will be huge in terms of helping to cut energy bills vastly but most importantly it is going to help save our planet from global warming which has already begun unfortunately, This means we all need to take action today to help save our planet from further global warming.

Save Money On Your Energy Bill:

Just by Replacing your tired old boiler to a brand new A-Rated efficient boiler would save you up to a third of your normal weekly costs, This equates to an estimated saving of around £300 every year and also help to reduce carbon footprint which is the main reason why we are offering you free government grants for boilers.

Why Choose Us:

We are approved Boiler installers currently being backed by government authorities, we promise to have your eligibility decision made on your free boiler scheme within 24-Hrs after you contact us.

What Happens Next ?

After you contact us to check your eligibility one of our team of certified installers will be in touch to arrange a home visit to undertake a survey on your existing boiler, Providing you are eligible then we will make dated arrangements to have your new boiler installed in your property.

Free boiler grants

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4 thoughts on “Government Grants For Boilers

  1. Thank you PHR. I will definatly be telling my friends and family to get in touch.
    Who wouldnt want a free boiler and insulation if they could get it.

    1. Hi Claire,
      Thanks for your review, feel free to tell your family and friends about our free boiler scheme.
      If you ever need us for anything in the future then just contact us, we are here to help with any plumbing issues you may face.
      Kind Regards.

    1. Hi Barry,
      You would need to contact the main office and speak to the receptionist with your enquiry, they will be more than happy to assist you with arranging a visit to your property to check your eligibility for the new boiler scheme.
      Tel :- 07588920972 – (01745) 799783

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